Forex Managed Account

Conservative strategy

Low Risk / Return investment


Since 05/04/11

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Standard strategy

Medium Risk / Return investment


Since 05/10/09

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Dynamic strategy

High Risk / Return investment


Since 04/04/11

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Why RTFX Forex Managed Accounts are unique ?

A strong track record

Following a number of years of in-house testing, our Standard strategy was launched in October 2009. In early 2011, two new strategies were added to our service portfolio to meet the needs of the more conservative and aggressive forex investors.

Trading algorithms

The Foreign Exchange trading system adopted by RTFX for its managed account service is based on different algorithms developed in-house. These algorithms generate daily transactions on the spot Forex market and more specifically on the EUR/USD and EUR/JPY currency pairs.

Over a decade of FX trading experience

RTFX Ltd is a pioneer in the online Foreign Exchange market with a history dating back to 1995 and forms part of a group of strategic partnering companies. RTFX is one of the very few regulated entities licensed to offer managed accounts on the FX market for private individuals. RTFX is licensed and authorised to provide its services throughout Europe.

Latest News

Last update:  2nd March 2015

One month after the SNB decided to abandon its cap on the Swiss Franc due to market pressure we see another Central Bank on the verge to follow the same path. Through this article we will try to briefly present the situation that the Danish central bankers are facing and then to identify the problematic that the policy makers are facing to assess whether or not the peg can be maintained.

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There has been a lot of talk on the sustainability of prolonged lower oil prices in the long run, but not the same emphasis has been made on the effects that lower oil prices have on global inflation

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Towards the end of last month Greeks chose to hand over the reins of the Greek Government to the Syriza party. The Syriza leader, Alexi Tsipras, promised the Greek electorate that his party would end austerity if he is elected – which he was.

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